Terms and Conditions

The Purchaser acknowledges that no title or property of the goods shall pass to it, until full payment is made to the Vendor/Company.


This Warranty is not assignable and applies to the original purchaser only and the original invoice or receipted delivery docket must be retained and produced as proof of purchase. The manufacturer must be given the opportunity to inspect the faulty or damaged tank. The customer shall pay the cost of freight for any replacement tank or repair plus any additional costs incurred. The tank must be used for storage of potable water at ambient temperature only not exceeding 40 degrees Celcius. The tank overflow must equal the tank inlet ie 2 x 90mm inlet pipes must have 2 x 90mm overflow pipes.


Damage caused by storm, fire, flood, act of God, war, terrorism or other insurable risk.
Any unauthorized modification or repairs.
Abnormal wear and tear.
Weathering of these products (due to climatic conditions) over long periods of time. Damage caused by incorrect installation, base preparation or failure to maintain the base. (Please note terms in relation to installation)
All conditions, warranties, obligations and liabilities of any kind (other than the warranty expressly agreed to by the Company and outlined above) which are or may be imposed or implied to the contrary by any statute, rule or regulation, or under the common law and whether arising from negligence of the Company, its servants or otherwise are hereby excluded except to the extent that the Company may be prevented from doing so by any statute, rule or regulation under the common law.
Warranty is limited to repair or replacement only and does not extend to cover any consequential claim, loss, expense or demand.
The Purchaser specifically indemnifies and holds blameless New Star Poly Products from such losses.

This Warranty shall have no force and effect unless Tank Base Preparation and Installation (Terms & Conditions) are complied with.port the roof.

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