About Us

New Star Poly Products Ltd is a leading manufacturer of plastic water storage reservoirs & Garden Furniture & Flower Pots located in Tema, Ghana with brand names “POLYSTAR” & “STARPOLY”.

Our reservoirs are made with state of the art machinery.

We produce one of the largest range of capacities (volumes) of water reservoirs in Ghana from 200 Liters to 25000 Liters.

We manufacture our reservoirs in a variety of colors to suit our customers’ needs and preferences.

We manufacture our reservoirs with certain features that differentiate our product from others in the market:-

o Lid Locking Point.
o Ventilation Point.
o 3 Layer Tanks.

We only use Food Grade Approved raw material to manufacture our reservoirs.

Our products are competitively priced.

For large orders, we are willing to supply reservoirs in a color of your choice at no extra cost, we are also willing to supply the reservoirs at short notice, thereby reducing your need for a storage facility.

Free transportation of our products to your site. (Terms & Conditions Apply)